Monday, 15 June 2009

Bleu Flats . . . VIOLET VIOLET

Violet Violet 

Bad day to pick to go to a gig! The tube strike meant that I had a 40 min walk, after a long day at Graduate Fashion Week (this put me in a horrific mood). 

When I arrived at the 'Buffalo Bar' this all changed as I knew I was in for a good night of music mayhem.

Violet Violet hit the stage with their 3 piece girl band and they have more oomph! than any boy band I know, bring back girl power! 

Tumbling tunes, stuffed full of perfect rhythms, teamed with gritty guitar playing and a dual-lead vocals, that will get you singing and bopping along to their infectious tunes in no time! 

Their set was really good and I couldn’t stop myself from “indie shifting” and singing along. 

They're currently finishing their new album, that will be hitting the shelves in August. 

As well as that, they are preparing for their 2 week UK tour in August too!

 They have been working in the studio with the likes of Dave Pye who apparently has “good facial hair - which is important to us” - Cheri Percy - (Lead guitar and vocals of Violet Violet) - Her line not mine!

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