Monday, 29 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Eddie's gig at The Dublin Castle

Sunday nights gig at The Dublin Castle!
Spotted: The Horrors Lead Singer, walking past the Castle, in a world of his own, but stopping to chat to band: Eddie's manager - friends in high places!

Last night, Eddie played The Dublin Castle in Camden and yours truly was there to make sure they not only looked truly stylish, but also to enjoy the spectacle that is pop musics newest offering.
Larissa, the bands lead singer wore a stunning, body con, black dress, with rainbow, one shoulder / waistband trim (by SOFIA ALEXANDER), mini hot pink socks and black heels. Stylishly tied to one side and styled with a corsage, her hair looked fab and topped off with Urban Decay, blue eyes, she was definitely a lead singer to contend with!

The boys looked super cool too! Keeping in casual in a mixture of print tees and checked shirts and amazing Puma trainers.
Eddie as a band are perfectly marrying 'Indie' with a 'Rock style Pop', that produces an incredibly catchy sound. I know all the words, I'm such a groupie.

When I was helping Larissa get ready, in what was essentially a store cupboard, we were surrounded by empty boxes, musical instruments and graffiti and the other bands flitting in and out were more Russel Brand stylee, than pop, in fact, many were paying homage to the great unwashed. 
As Liss sat curling her fringe, one rather greasy, guy, derogatorily referred to my pop princess as a 'wannabe Britney'. Naturally we ignored, but imagine the pleasure that Liss got when he later heard 'Eddie's' sound check and we watched him swaying and tapping his feet, only to return with his dread-locked band members in tow for Eddies full set! I have never seen so many 'rock' style fans bopping to perfectly pumping pop tunes!

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