Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Fendi

Fendi have a habit of creating a signature accessory each season, whether the 'Spy' or the 'B', there is always something to lust after. Personally I'm still having accessory ache from not being able to afford (or appropriately wear) the cool belts they did with the giant buckles. I resisted buying the fakes (I don't do fake - I'd rather just go without thank you!) but this season, with talk of the IT bag being passe, it seems the clothes at Fendi were doing all the talking.
Mini Capes! They have been shown on a host of catwalks, this trend started a couple of seasons ago (in both mini and full) but never took off, mainly because capes are fun, but also incredibly impractical (I should know, I bought into it, it's gorgeous but a pain).
Will the mini take off again? I doubt it, But I really hope so, they're so cute!

I couldn't help feel that there was a bit of 'Joan of Arc' feel to the collection, slightly ancient warrior. Love this leather bodice with wool!

Again very warrior princess, velvet has been huge for A/W 09, especially in this burnt red!

Playsuits, they are creeping back in, they probably will be around forever, after all who doesn't want to wear a one piece!

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