Friday, 13 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Alexander McQueen

I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I am a total fashion sheep! 
I adore McQueen as much as the next girl, but it is more than that. McQueen will always hold the deepest, darkest, spot in my heart as it was he who inspired me to follow all things fashion.
I had always loved clothes, dressing up and showing off, but it was seeing one of the earliest McQueen pieces at an exhibition at the V & A on a school trip that altered my entire life. I have never not been inspired by him and live totally in awe, and pray that one day I just get to interview him! (actually I'd happy just stand next to him and stare).

McQueen collections are always intensely beautiful, interesting and often dark and eery. There were a few years after joining LVMH that it felt that he had sold out slightly, even when still making the most desirable of frocks, but it has felt that recently McQueen has his mojo back.
There was something deeply dark and rebellious about this collection.
With futuristic overtones, sixties style dog-tooth (stunningly over sized) and slightly 
Pugh-esque rebellion and eighties shapes, this made me fall in love with McQueen all over again.

The fur coats were insane, the corset belts had the Victorian theme that often lies as an undertone to his collections and the experimental, voluminous, silhouettes worked well with more tailored elements.
Based in monochrome and accented by flashes of red, I loved the back to basics colour palette. It made us concentrate on the clothes and reminded the fashion crowd that really and truly Alexander is the best in the business.

The final, dramatic, dresses, again took my breathe away. Everything was so well thought out and the styling was spot on. The shows have been full of dark, mystery and eighties rebellion and while McQueen combined all of this, he put his own, incredible, spin on things.

I hope Dog-tooth makes a comeback, but one thing for sure is that I will be buying those crazy black and white tights!

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