Thursday, 5 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Anne Valerie Hash

Oh look, it's those shoulders again, I raided John Lewis today.
This collection was quite mix and match and though there were eighties themes, there was no real definitive point of reference. 

Furry dress anyone? 
The colour palette was vast and moved from anything from black to ice cream calm tones. The tights are lovely and I love the 40's style flapper shoe.

So by the end of the collection, I decided it was all about the 40's flapper, not sure the dress above is entirely wearable, but love the frills and with sheer and cut outs being so du jour, this is definitely bang on trend!


  1. I like the last dress too, you could put a cami underneath?

    but yes the shoes are gorgeous, you can get similar ones in topshop


  2. Furry dress? Rivkie!!! I hope you don't take my girlfriend shopping and bring her back in something like that!



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