Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fashion Skills : Oh to be a Stylist . . .

I know some of the most major shows in Paris happened today, but right now I just wanted to ponder the skills needed to be a stylist.

I took out one of my new assistants today . . . remember flats from fashion week? Well I thought I'd show her the ropes.

Having already discussed stylists rage, today we learnt what else might useful if you were thinking of joining this magical occupation.

1. A sense of direction, map reading and underground/over-ground skills. 
How bizarre I hear you cry! Well today, while I hopped over to Hackney Wick, Flats somehow ended up in Colchester (yes I did just say Colchester). Once we were finally reunited in sunny Holborn, it took two of us and a stranger to direct us to Convent Garden as well as finding other show rooms! Definitely a  GPRS job!

2. Strength. Flats . . . Down to the gym with you! Build your muscles! Being a stylist, I have learnt that most of the job is carrying things around. Suitcases up and down station stairs and pulling along an obscene amount of clothing.

3. The ability to do suitcase three point turns in confined and crowded spaces. Not a transferable skill granted, but fun to annoy Londoners with none the less.

4. The ability to grit your teeth and smile. This however is something for every walk of life.

5. An assistant to cheer you up with funny stories of not managing some, one or any of the above!

Roll on tomorrow! - And if you are an assistant, buying your boss a cake is always a good way to make up! :-)


  1. What a day,
    Next time I make a Charlotte au chocolat (or any cake for that matter), I'll make sure we meet and you can take as much as you need . We always NEED chocolate, it balances with the inner nature of talking, living and breathing Fashion

  2. Yay! I'll hold you to that hun xxx


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