Thursday, 5 March 2009

Paris!! Roving Reporter : Gareth Pugh

While some design houses in Milan are struggling to go to production, Pugh however is resting assured that LVMH is picking up the tab. On that note Pugh has come down off his creative horse and fashioned a collection that combined innovation and wearability. 
Black was accented by silver (keeping the Pugh Sci-Fi feel) and shapes switched between the signature outlandish pieces and sleek body, commercially viable looks.

Shoulders were again the focal point, with strong, squared lines. There was a mixture of dresses, outerwear and long legged, slim fit trousers that covered footwear, a totally different silhouette to other designers (but choice is good).

Panelling was used to combine the metallic against the deepest of black shades, though over all there was a shine on the whole collection. Chiffon added a more feminine look to what was quite a hard edged, masculine look.

The most interesting point I feel was how Pugh (the man who once made a human tomato costume on a Fashion Tv reality show - the days before project catwalk) has grown up. But he hasn't discarded his interest in the super natural and the new. There were spike like furs that looked incredibly dangerous and reminded me of iron fillings standing on end. It was truly spectacular! 

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  1. Another one bites the dust, McQueen used to be controversial and then LVMH toned him down, they have killed another great.

    Sarah J


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