Friday, 6 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Balenciaga

Balenciaga went all girly on us today! 
The collection that sticks most in everyones mind, is the strong, space like peplums of a few seasons ago. But gone were the hard edges and ushered in was a much softer and feminine look. Cute, draped, balloon, style skirts were teamed with slashed to the navel blouses, with lovely ruche detailing at the shoulder (quite 30's).
It was quite a youthful look and they sent this idea down the runway in a host of colours, from peach/salmon to light blue. 

Paintbrush, stroke, prints were also extremely popular. This style has resurfaced for A/W 09, although on a much smaller scale to its first outing in the Summer (2008).
Shirt dresses featured eighties shoulders, but definitely felt more DVF than Balenciaga. I was fairly surprised, but this was a far more economical move than a fashion forward thinking look.
Trouser shapes remained slim fit and straight, while jackets were quite business like but jazzed up with print. 
This wasn't a particularly invigorating and inn0vative collection, but with Balenciaga's main target market being slightly older than some designers, the whole look made business like sense, but thats not what we like about fashion week!

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  1. How boring!

    That is so not the Balenciaga looks I know and love! Disappointed


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