Monday, 23 March 2009

The Scene . . . The Cobden

Goodness me, do my feet hurt! That will teach me to try and spend a whole night swaying to the latest bands in 6 million inch wedges! The night began with shed loads of free vodka, I honestly thought on more than one occasion that I was going to end up flat on my face! We drank delicious raspberry cocktails, laced with Russian Standard Vodka and with free drinks, the fashion pack were not far behind! The evening was hosted by a humorous drag queen at the members club 'The Cobden' in West London, it was quite frankly in the middle of nowhere - (mind you, anywhere without a constant stream of black cabs seems positively Suburbia to me) but had excellent decor, comfy seats, oh and too many stairs!

I spent the night with the infamous 'Heels' - yes my Carmen Electra, dancing diva is back! Black Boots (who had actually ditched the black for stunning electric blue and sky scrapper stilettos), my assistant 'Brogues', the gorgeous Nico Didonna, Buttons (you will have to look her up) and Stylista. We drank far too much Vodka for a Monday night in honour of 'Nikes' - see all the old crew pop back up. 'Nikes' is the editor of a very cool mag, as well as being a superb photographer of all things weird and wonderful and we had all gone to raise a glass to his work!
Alongside the drinks, the evening entertainment consisted of some fab musicians, (I have to get Nikes to send me their names! so you can all look them up!) The first girl had and amazing voice and was a sort of country and western version of PINK. Up next was the act that got us up on our feet! After a rendition of Jungle Book medleys, this super energetic, lanky, 40's dresses, white dude, kinda rapped in the most melodic fashion, totally brill! (- for you heels).

Lastly, but by no means least, 'The Ruskins' (no I have no idea what that means) took to the stage. Band member Eamon had unfortunately too much to drink, it was good and it was kooky, but I think next time, put them on earlier and keep them away from the booze! 
The night ended, as many do, with a fisticuffs between a guest and Drag Queen, and unfortunately 'Nikes' and another pal, (who we shall call) 'Flat Cap' got caught up and given a fat lip and a back injury (in that order). Word to the wise, its a private guest list, it will be found out who you are! Don't start fights, don't hit the host, we are not Rock and Rollers! This is fashion darling!


SPOTTED: People from: 'Random Magazine', LOOK Magazine, Luke Pasqualino (Freddie in Skins) - I don't know how I missed him! I only worked with him last week! Gutted!


  1. Madness!
    Gutted I missed it last night, sounds insane! Hope the crew are all alright, bet your head is saw today Roving Reporter! xx

    Abbie xx

  2. Hi 'flat cap' here, despite the inpromtue mosh (of which i'm still neckin painkillers for!) my that was a BIG staircase! Top night though overall, wicked guest list of fashion, magazine and PR's which far more established people would be well pleased with! Tomo (the host) is definately someone to watch, best book a shoot with him now before he gets far to busy and expensive for any of us to work with! Like his shoots his party was a big production and carrying your cards and iphone were a must, a brill night with i think more to come, this party ain't over yet!

    Cheers Flat cap


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