Friday, 27 March 2009

Flats Tells Us . . . Party Time at KOKO

I attended the 'T4 Shockwaves Album Chart Show', at KoKo in Camden.
You would think VIP guest meant first priority, but some idiot got the two queues confused and let in the rowdy kids with tickets in first, only to then bring them all back outside, when they realised they had taken wrong people in - To then start all over again! 
During this we are standing in the cold on the street, TOTALLY UNCOOL! 
 We then headed in, Superdan (code name) and I headed back stage for chats with The Maccabees and the other acts. 

Lady Sovereign was up next, with her . . .
‘Whatever Mate’ and, ‘I drink, any fink I can get for free,’ lines it was all quite an experience.

 The Maccabees were great as perusal, with Orlando’s beautiful voice and Felix and Hugo’s stage presence they really have the perfect line up, songs and a great mix of untypical indie music – phenomenal really a joy to watch every time (plus their GORGEOUS) And there new album is great. (Alright Flats! Enough of a Plug for your mates! - Roving Reporter).

Then Maximo Park headed for the stage, with frantic eyes and crazy, rock-star, jumping moves! Wasn’t really my cup of tea! After the gig, we left and headed to the 'New Moon' with the boys for some drinks and a gossip.

Well I will be on the search of a great party soon, and keep up to date with gossip!

 ☺ love from your favourite Gossip Girl,  Flats xx

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