Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Let's Talk To . . . Afshin Feiz

Fash Pack may not have ever started without Afshin Feiz. I know this sounds mad, but it was this man alone that inspired such conversation between myself and fellow fashion devotees that I suddenly felt the need for a fashion forum where I could champion ALL the things I love about this industry. Top of my list is definitely this Parisian!
Afshin is probably my top designer for S/S 09, which says a lot as I usually hate the summer season (in general). He romanced the crowd with his floaty, ruffled, applique dresses, giving an edgy vibe with chunky silver chains!
So we were lucky enough that he agreed to have a chat!

Fash-Pack (F-P): When did you start designing?
Afshin Feiz (AF): I have been designing in one way or another as far back as I can remember but I started my own brand in 5 years ago in 2004.

F-P: What other designer would you love to spend a whole day with?
AF: Without hesitation either Tom Ford or Stella MaCartney

F-P: What are your influences for this season?
AF: I was influenced by Buddha’s silent sermon and the idea of appreciating simple things for their beauty without overanalyzing them.

F-P: What's your favourite piece from this collection, and why? Who do you see wearing it?
AF: I have so many favourites from this collection its hard to choose. One of my favourites is the pale yellow fitted dress with mini ruffles, appliqued chains and a cutout on the back shoulder. I see Kate Bosworth wearing it.

F-P: What differences do you notice between showing here and in New York?
AF: New York has caught up in certain levels as far as creativity is concerned with London with its amazing designers such as Rodarte but London still has the most creative and interesting designers in the world. I feel less restrained showing in London, there are less rules than in New York.

F-P: How'd you end up with all your music industry connections?
AF: Thats a difficult question, I don’t really know, some people l met through friends, others are people who approached me because they liked my work.

F-P: Are you planning any upcoming shows? Do you plan to be back on the runway for next fashion week?
AF: Not for the moment, I think that with the recession and the state of certain things in fashion at the moment, I am going to present my collections in a more intimate setting for a while and maybe even outside of the regular fashion calendar.

F-P: What's something you wish you knew earlier that might help designers just getting started?
AF: The most important part of your business is the commercial side. Without sales, you have no money and without money you don’t have a business. Press and shows etc are all nice but at the end of the day you have to really invest in the commercial aspects of things. Get a good commercial director.


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