Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Dsquared

Starbucks?! At a fashion show?! On the run way?! What the @*%^?!

I'd say this shows the true credit crunch, when champagne is gone and ice latte's  are in, but in all fairness I think champagne is cheaper than the Starbucks! I would actually quite like to go to a show and be served an ice something-or-other, but to watch the models?!

Oh how hip that makes Dsquared! :-)

Loved the whole collection though. 
Incredibly youthful and fun, there was denim, ruffles, silk, hot colour, waistcoats, trenches and jackets.
Tartan, which has had a fair bit of usage throughout the shows in London, made a brief stop here. There were rock chic tee shirts and wet look leggings. My favourite was the feathered skirt (shown below).
A rock collection, cool, loaded up styling to represent a generation of kids with money to spend and fun to have!

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  1. that is so weird! They look like they just dragged the girls off the street, sort of cool though!



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