Sunday, 31 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 4

Quick Fashion Show Roundup:

* This weeks challenge was inspired by shoes. The designers got to pick some fancy footwear and use it to inspire an outfit for this weeks runway show.

* Reco was his usual cocky self, finishing early and going for a nap, in between this he made an LBD and indulged in a bit of Daniella bullying. He is so cocky I simply await his fall from grace.

* The whole room bitched about Andrew and how he ripped off the pleating from a previous episode and designer. Yes, obviously, because pleats hadn't been invented!?!

* Daniella came up with a fabulous black and aubergine coloured dress with silver washers as surface decoration. It was divine and true to her own design aesthetic.

* Lidia's dress was hideous, 14 hours is not enough for her - I agree, 14 hours is only enough for Reco.

* The show was the best yet and Angel's shirt dress was surprisingly popular, i thought it was horrid.

* Reco one, while Angel and Daniella both were praised highly, while Andrew and Lidia were in the bottom two.

* Sorry Andrew we are just not buying it, bye bye darling!

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