Thursday, 7 May 2009

Flats talks to . . . Francis and Louis

Bleu caught up with Francesca from Francis and Louis:

Bleu: So, what's your inspiration, as far as the lyrics and the sound are concerned?

F & L: Personal experiences mainly. From being stuck in a car on the way to Spain (never do it), to a lover being unfaithful.
(Lucy is the lyrical genius behind Francis and Louis.)

Bleu: I love it! There's never a right way to form music, yet always an interesting way.
How long have you been together? How did the band come about?

F & L: It will be 2 years this summer that we've been together. It started in the summer of 2007, after Lucy was bought a guitar for her 15th birthday. We used to sit in her bedroom for hours playing songs we loved. Then the idea of a band seemed right.

Bleu: Bedrooms seem to be the place where all deep, subconscious, moments happen they say.
If you were a super hero, what would be your super hero name and why?

F & L: I'd be called Night Hawk - soaring through the sky at night capturing (or rescuing - RR?) innocent victims of violence under my Mama Duck wing. Lucy would have to be Super Legs and her legs are truly cracking. Even the Dutch think so.

Bleu: Legs she does have! and I bet you would have a mean mama duck wing!
What record could you drift of to sleep listening ?

F & L: Oh God, there are too many. I have a play list on my iPod called 04:59. It consists of around 200 songs I could fall asleep to easily.

Bleu: But out of all those...

F&L: Scott Matthews - Earth to Calm, Modest Mouse - Perfect Disguise (BBC Radio Session), or a song by a local band Vanilla Kick called 'The Escape' - They are beautiful.

Bleu: Who is your fav British band at the moment ?

F & L: Bombay Bicycle Club, or Metronomy. Though, I'm concerned about the departure of Gabrielle from Metronomy. I'm not sure what's in store for them. Another upcoming talent has to be Peggy Sue (formally known as Peggy Sue and The Pirates) We'll be playing alongside of her this Friday in Norwich.

Bleu: If you were an object what would you be an why?

F & L: That's such a hard question. There are too many objects in this world. But I think I'd have to be a camera, I'd see so much.

Bleu: Where are you hoping to go with your music this year? Any plans?

F & L: We're planning on recording a new EP this summer, which will consist of 5 brand new tracks. It'll include a full band, unlike our previous EP.

Bleu: Where can we catch you playing?

F & L: This Friday! Come holla down to Wensum Lodge, Norwich, where you can catch us playing with Peggy Sue. Or July 6th at Norwich Arts Centre, as part of the Hot City Sounds week.

Bleu: Who is your music icon? and who is your fashion?

F & L: Nick Drake and Lovefoxxx.

Bleu: I'll leave you to decide which is which.


  1. i love francis and louis saw them at , arts centre a while back! there really cool , norwich has some real talent glad - londers are picking up on this too! hoping they do well!


  2. aw wow, thanks james! X


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