Thursday, 28 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Shooting, South of the River

You should be pleased to know that today, I finally had some work to be getting on with! I headed to South East London (apparently it's the other side of the River) to shoot a menswear spread for EM magazine with the gorgeous Alex Prinz, photographer - Joseph Sinclair and Sandra Bermingham (MUA). We were going for the classic, male, 'James Dean' shot with a phew cheeky, playboy stylee shots thrown in. It was a quickie and by lunch time we were back on the soggy streets of S.E. London trying to find our bus back. Not a hard task you would think . . . but as it happens, Sandra and I walked and walked . . . walked some more and once we were sufficiently soggy and in the depths of the Blackheath Suburb we just flung ourselves on a bus in the wrong direction in sheer desperation. Don't get me wrong, it was gorgeous round there, but I'm definitely a North London girl and I couldn't help but wonder if the entire community had simply settled there because they couldn't find their bus back to the tube?
We eventually got back to North Greenwich and by the time I had made it back to my neck of the woods I managed to bust my suitcase - the second to lose its handle in a month! Some feat!

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