Saturday, 9 May 2009

Flats talks to . . . Jamie Delaney from Blighters

I head to the back of a little pub, totally indie’esque to find a skinny jeaned boy and pot of tea awaiting me.
With my usual hour delay, the first time ever the band or for this instance Jamie (singer and guitarist of 'Blighters') is on time, I find him, waiting, sitting comfortably, for my grilling.
To me he is quintessentially a totally English boy; I first saw 'Blighters' play at the waterfront in Norwich several years ago, when they were then called 'Monroe’s'. They have a great sound, of which many of my musical friend rave about.
Bleu: So what have you been doing with yourself recently? With the band that is? As I can clearly see you have been shopping he he.

Jamie: Oh well, yes, I went charity shop shopping today I bought an amazing jumper!

Bleu: Wow that’s awesome. Anyway so what have the band been doing?

Jamie: We are solidly writing at the moment, stopped being in London so much and moved back to Norwich now spending loads of time recording with Mike Crossly.

Bleu: Who do you think the best British band is at the moment?

Jamie: God that’s hard, there’s so many and I flick between a lot, um .... I love 'The Magistrates’, and 'The Virgins', who we played with a while back, they were really cool.
Bleu: If you could pick anyone, who would be your mistletoe kiss? (Random but all boys I’ve asked normally say another boy or band member!)
Jamie: In that case, it would totally be Lenny (the drummer)

Bleu: God no! Pick another!

Jamie: He he ok, um Ramallah, she’s an actress I filmed a movie with a while back, I don’t know why, but it would be her.

Bleu: Oh I forget your an actor in your spare time.

Jamie: Yes I really enjoy it, I had my first proper speaking part recently in a film. I really would like to do more.

Bleu: Who are your musical influences?

Jamie: It's always evolving, from the past and changing. But Michael Jackson and, at the moment, (after searching through his shopping bag he finds some Mj records –B-F) Late David Bowie is a definite, Japan and Abc.

Bleu: What influences your sound and lyrics?

Jamie: Well I take influences for lyrics from different places. But we changed our band name a few months back and that was because our sound had changed and 'The Blighters' felt like it met our new material well.

Bleu: What are you hoping to achieve this year as a band?

Jamie: Hopefully do a couple of festivals in-between recording and writing. Get an album out and get a really good single from it to.

Bleu: How did you find your manager?

Jamie: He kind of found us, came to a gig we were playing and it all just started from there.

Bleu: Lucky you, most bands strive to find a good manager. If you were an object what would you be and why?(he looks totally confused) so I give examples? Sofa, a camera etc. (a table? - RR)

Jamie: A pillow so I could smother you. (Funny of scary?! - RR)

Bleu: Oh cheers love, I'll remember that when I do a review on you!
If you could spend a day doing anything what would you do?

Jamie: That's so hard, many things (he sits thoughtfully thinking through so many ideas). Lots of things, but one would be bringing back the musical geniuses from the past, e.g. Freddy Mercury etc. and make a record with them.

Bleu: Would you invite rest of your band?

Jamie: No I'd be selfish, just me.

Bleu: What’s your favourite snack? (It's just a filler question . . . I assume it will be haribo as he’s been tucking in to a big bag)

Jamie: Today it would be haribo.


  1. oh my god BLEU i love you! i love the blighters saw them support the virgins a couple of months ago! there sooo goood! ps. lenny is hot he wud b my kiss! haha no but jamie HELLO HOTTIE!

    HOPE to see them playing again soon! i love this blog thank to maccabees telling me to check

    Matt H xx
    ps . u coming 2 party next tuesday drop me a txt an i can pick u up x

  2. yet another great blog! I had'nt heard of Blighters b4, but listend to these myspace! there really goood!

    Thank you for entering me in the "indie music" world its new for me! but feel involved :D

    sarah H x

  3. Glad you like it Sarah - it's fairly new to me too! lets learn together!

    xx Roving Reporter

  4. blighters are ace! band that just has that great sound with out trying hard!

    Lead singer is beautiful! and really amazing!
    even without the band hes incredible! they will make it!

  5. This is grammatically incorrect in so many ways.
    Your questions are incoherent.
    You're not a music journalist.


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