Friday, 1 May 2009

Flats ... Chats to Zane Lowe

Well after literally walking straight in to Zane Lowe, it seemed it was the perfect opportunity to interview him.

Zane is an interesting character, he doesn’t do many interviews and so remains some what elusive to the public eye, always on the fringes and in fact causing new waves of band success, yet somehow remaining in the background. This made me determined to get an insight into the man, who introduces us to some of Britain’s best and upcoming bands.

The Radio One DJ and influential music mogul, was up for answering a few questions. His accent is quite strong and it took me most of the interview to understand what he was actually saying (thank goodness for dictaphones.)

Bleu Flats: So you showcase some of the best British bands via your show, How do you find them, Do you go to a lot of gigs?

Zane: I love music, always have and want to put out there the less known artists and give them opportunities. I am always listening to demos from bands and also going by hearsay of other people’s opinions of unsigned artists.
Gigs are a great way to find new, unsigned bands.

Bleu Flats: Who do you think the most influential British band are at the moment?

Zane: That’s hard and I don’t want to pick one, I love so many and like so many varieties and genres. But The Maccabees new material is so great , they’ve developed so much since there first album I know everyone’s excited to hear the rest of the album. White Lies are really cool too, but everybody is talking about I AM KLOOT and they are fucking awesome.

Bleu: Your favourite WWF wrestler?

Zane: Fuck, What a man am I ? I don’t know any, (pauses) I have no idea! (he blushes and looks around for reassurance).

Bleu Flats: (laughing), It's a random question, although Felix was quite excited to answer it!

Zane: Well thats because he's more of a man than me.

(He winks across the room, like he's found his long lost love! We are all convinced something is going on there . . . shhhhhh!)

Zane: Oh, I also love 'Kids Love Lies' and Bombay Bicycle Club. 'BBC Introducing' is so ace for the new bands in the festival season to, give them a place to play at the biggest UK festivals.


  1. oh bleu i think we've met talking to matt horne at the 02 ?

    cool interview , your doing well...
    and how could you not your such a music dolly! Matt was right you are totally festival chic - you r the ultimate music baby!

    well text me sometime we will catch up , perhaps at Ru's ?

    Take Care

    Sana xx

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