Monday, 4 May 2009

Flats ... Chats to THE KABEEDIES

Bleu: Whats the next step for the band since you've released ' little brains ' ?

Fab Kabeedie: Well we've released 3 singles now, and what would normally be expected is an album. But at the rate we've been writing new material and also with the annoying sluggishness of the music industry and record labels, the timeframe for an album coming out has been pretty hard to predict. We've just been touring so much that it's difficult to think about what's going to happen next really - the plan is definately an album, but we won't rush one out. I should imagine we'll be going into the studio soon and doing our best to put on good shows at the festivals we're playing at this year. That's our favourite thing to think about.

Bleu: How has the tour been? Do you enjoy being on tour?

Fab Kabeedie: Yeah this tour in particular has been great. We've started to pick up fans who come back to see gigs and bring their friends, and it's really made us feel more apprieciated. There's been far less times when we're playing to 30 people who couldn't care less. Touring is pretty much always our favourite time as a band, when you've been in a band for 2 years, and the novelty of gigging wears off and you start to fight and argue, it's easy for it to be a chore, but we feel we've found a really nice stage in our friendship and our band in that we enjoy each others company and respect each other. And entertaining people and making their night is a huge motivating factor for us.

Bleu: Who would be your mistoe kiss if you could pick anyone ?

Fab Kabeedie: Mine would be Evan, even though he always tries to kiss me, it'd be nice for it to be on my terms for once.

Bleu: Do you have a pre and post stage ritual for nerves etc ?

Fab Kabeedie: Hahaha not usually, but with the exception of Latitude Festival last year where we played infront of our biggest ever crowd reception. We were backstage just as Huw Stephens announced us and as he walked backstage he saw us warming up by doing the dance-off routine from White Chicks...

Bleu: Who do you think the best british band is at the moment ?

Fab Kabeedie: Oooo, that would cause considerable conflict among everyone... I think probably a cross between Bombay Bicycle Club, Wavemachines, Metronomy and Let's Wrestle.

Bleu: what are your favourite snacks ?

Fab Kabeedie: Gravy, but Evan likes crisps.. he ate 10 packs the night after we played in Southampton and projectile vomited in the Travelodge. We enjoy a good Go Ahead bar too.

Bleu: What do you do to fill time while waiting around and traveling ?

Fab Kabeedie: We don't..unfortunately... it's the most annoying thing about being in a band. We've recently attempted to learn Japanese in the car but Evan shouting out the words soon put a stop to that. We occasionally play 20 questions but the answer is inevitably Ainsley Harriet.

Bleu: What books inspire you ?

Fab Kabeedie: I really really love 'The Tao of Pooh' which is a book about taoism in winnie-the-pooh (as the title suggests) and that inspired me to write the lyrics for 'Little Brains', i know Evan loves 'Where the wild things are'... but Katie and Roary are a bit more cultured and they enjoy 'A Picture of Dorian Gray' and William Burroughs and other intellectual rubbish.

Bleu: Who's your favourite WWF wrestler ?

Fab Kabeedie: Mine is Gran Master Sexy as my wrestling name at school was Gran Master Franny...
Roary loves Rakishi though and he often gives me his signature 'stink face'

Bleu: If you were a piece of furniture what you be and why ?

Fab Kabeedie: A sofa so Roary could sit on my face


  1. OMG i love the kabeedies i saw them at latitude last year they were amazing huge crowd and saw them at barfly! fucking ace! bleu u are getting pretty up 2 it with the music stuff! :D


  2. love it!! i agree with where the wild things are, and can see the tedium in evan shouting out japanese words! haha saw you a few times on the tour, cos i'm like that and as for the best bands at the moment, i agree entriely, saw nombay bicycle club on saturday, they were on fire!

  3. bombay bicyle club are ace! but so are the kabeedies!
    u better get around fuck loads this summer we are all waiting 4 u!

    come to america already! Im coming to uk for summer! but next time come to LA!

    Courtney xx

  4. plus evan and rory! are like total hotties! Its not fair bring your British loving over here! and ur music

    hehe courtney xx

  5. we love the kabeedies! great band and great people, can't wait to play on the same stage as them at Kendal Calling!

  6. na american girl got it wrong! fab is waaaaaaaay hotter! and nice - i met him in playing in ipswich and then went to c dem play in london last year :D


    Cupcake kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

    samantha jo


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