Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Roving Reporter & Flats . . . Just Chilling

(Bleu with her hot new Blue accessory!)
Well today, Bleu and myself had a chill day . . . sorry I mean an official blog meeting. Well the truth is Bleu and I are rubbish at having serious meetings with one another. Mainly because we tend roll off on to tangents and funny stories. We decided to ditch Shoreditch on this occasion and head over to may spiritual home of Camden. Having scoured the vintage shops for brown, ankle boots to fit Bleu's enormous, clown proportioned feet, we finally settled for a drink and chips in the Lock Bar, so we could pretend we were on holiday and wave to passing canal boats!
Whilst in Camden Mollie and I also almost (literally) walked into Kate Moss's boyfried Jamie Hince, see Camden is cool!
Following Camden, we headed to Soho and popped into Nico-D on D'arbly Street to say hey, where Bleu and Nico tried to get me into a wet-look playsuit, seriously I love it, but on me hun? No way. See I feel Nico was being genuine in his belief I could carry it off, where as Bleu was just doing it for pure amusement . . . I declined!

Bleu and myself have big plans for this blog and with an exclusive Kings of Leon interview this weekend and a chat with funny man Matthew Horne still to come, you know that you are tuning in to the hottest blog around!
The colour has changed again and there maybe a bit of deja vu when I re-post the Zane Lowe interview (its to get us linked so we can keep getting bigger and better) but all in all Fash-Pack is developing and you lot are so part of it!


Oh and I forgot! We were having coffee in Kingly Court at the cute cupcake place (sometime much after Camden) and who should sit behind us but Matthew Williamson! I nearly died! I was tres excited, but sadly too shy to go up to him and confess my love! ahhhh another day!

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  1. you to are sooooooo lucky!
    i have the best lives!
    Blue seems to know every1 how ? its not fair!
    and r reporter! fashion is sooo your thing!

    blue looks amazing dresses cool has an amazing lift and knows everyone!

    Jade x


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