Friday, 1 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . 24London

Last night, The Fash-Pack and friends headed to the opening of new Kingly Street club, 24London. This was teamed with a birthday party for stylist extraordinaire, Nick Ede's birthday party, which only meant one thing . . . Disco, free drink and C-list celebrities. 
We arrived moments after Nick himself (having almost wondered into the crowd outside Tantra, by mistake) and had to hold up as an ex-tv, Footballer's Wives actress, pouted for the paps. Pretending to find it annoying, while oh so clearly loving it, even though no one was quite sure of who she was. 
When inside we headed to the bar to sip passion fruit cocktails in martini glasses and little glass teacups filled with another equally sweet and delicious cocktail. 
Canapes were floating round, though we all declined, after all, this is fashion, no one is supposed to be seen eating. We surveyed the room and checked out the other guests. 
The bar staff had the best uniform, all black, white braces and white framed, geek glasses, while the hostess on the floor had beautifully corseted black dresses on. 

The music flipped between current hits and outrageously disco numbers. But it was still far too early for the fashionista's to dance! 
We scanned for some familiar faces and saw a dashingly good looking, 'Ned, from Neighbours', 'Ste from Hollyoaks', who behaved like an unfriendly smarmy chap all night, he did happily chat away to the now (thanks to Nick), stylish Samanda, twins of Big Brother fame, even taking their number and whispering into their ears!
We then turned our attentions to the occasional real life WAG (some chick called Lizzie) and Dancing on Ice and Strictly stars all had their dancing shoes on too, with Donald McIntyre, Camilla Dellerup and a couple of the others, but their names escape me!

Most exciting though was the host of Big Brother rejects. Aisleyne, who had had a strong improvement in her looks was out in a backless, bottomless number, and poor Nikki Grahame looked positively starved, though she was over the moon when Flats asked for her picture with her. 
As the drinks flowed, the dance moves began and Heels (who was actually in flats tonight) and Bleu Flats and myself gave it our best shot to throw some shapes on the dance floor. Bleu Flats, got mistaken for Pixie Geldof by several people, including the irate bar woman, who told her 'I don't care if you are Pixie, you have to wait your turn', the toilet attendant who asked for her autograph, and the girl with the big bow in her hair, who photographed Flats dancing and then stared at her constantly! Oh and Nick Ede, also looked chuffed that 'Pixie' had come to his party (even though he and Flats do know each other!)

Ahhhh, well off to sleep! xx


  1. another crazy night out girls! tsk tsk, don't you lot ever work!

    Alyson K x

  2. it is work! haha suprisingly ! partying is to exhausting :D x

  3. what a cool life you guys lead, I got link to hear from the maccabees interview now im checking in everyday , to see the dream job and life in motion. So whos Bleu-Flats and whos roving reporter? You should put bios and picks up? so we can recognise you botht :)

    Ace blog and interviews great! Bleu more interviews try and get Interpol! I Would love you!

    Sam- Essex

  4. oh hehe reading back , bleu is oviosuly the pixie look a like in the pictures , i think you look more like Steine from Alphabeat?

    SAM x

  5. queen marys - english lit x2 May 2009 at 03:18

    ok so flats and roving reporter - PLEASE CAN I JOIN YOUR GANG!

    u are possibly the coolest two girls in the fashion/music industry. You dont seem to care or be prentious! All in my room at Queen Marys Uni love you! revoing reporter is like the under cover key in to the fashion world and snooping! And flats is just the most perfect indie cindy! you need to be famous girl! you look like you should lead a band!

    Love from girls at Queen marys!


  6. Thanks folks! Keep reading! Me and Bleu are working on shoots all weekend, no rest for the wicked! So pics will come up soon of our adventures! xx


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