Friday, 15 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Shooting again!

(Amber-Rose adjusting Ellen's incredibly crimped up hair) - see videos below too!

Yesterday was one busy day!
A few weeks ago at AFW, (alternative fashion week), Flats and I came across the designer for the maybe soon to be Topshop stocked brand - New York Couture. This lady dresses all the stars, with Katy Perry recently sporting a pair of her sequined pants!
Anyway . . . She told us that wearing purple and black together was bad luck, which perhaps explains my entire life! Alternatively she is talking rubbish and for some reason I decided that today would be the day I tested the theory!
(the epic Jack - Make up marvel - pouting AGAIN).

So I left the house in several shades of purple and black in order to finally break the spell . . . well so I thought. The morning started with me pulling the handle of my suitcase, already packed with my stuff for the shoot, having swapped over suitcases, I promptly dropped it on my foot, before ending up at the wrong train station (as I forgot which one I was meeting my assistant - Brogues at!) 
(Brogues and Ellen in between camera card changes)

This so far is sounding pretty bad only to be compounded by finding out our original model was sick so we had to wait for a replacement . . . an eleven o'clock start found its way to 1.30 and with our first shot being taken at around 3.30pm, I was beginning to think that purple and black is not such a hot combination.

However the shoot looked amazing! We used some stunning Afshin Feiz dresses in a multitude of sherbet tones and bound the models legs in ice cream coloured chiffon, creating an ethereal beauty. 

We wanted the dresses to fly, spin and float, this required a mixture of wind machines and Jack (the fabulous make up artist) wafting the models dress! I spent most of the day on the floor creating just the right angle!

Jack at one point found himself under the dress, holding it up, this was my angle, as I was sat on the floor with the giant and extremely strong fan! But from the front Jack was unseen!

Ellen in between shots. We wanted to have the feeling of movement in the shots and so bound the legs to give a ballet feel.

Show us some leg!
Wind machine in full force! I love the fact that she looks so glam but the behind the scenes is so revealing. 

Touch up time!
Photographer Mark and MUA Jack doing boy things (carrying and technical)

One final shot of our ethereal beauty! Check out the videos below!

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