Sunday, 3 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Shoot Shoot Shoot

Goodness me, it's Bank Holiday Sunday and I have been up since seven! It is now 10pm and I'm just tucking into some dinner having spent the day shooting in Dunganess.
Where, I hear you cry?! Well it's in Kent, on the coast, it's kinda full of stones and a few randomly placed little houses, so totally not London! 
While I reveled in being out in the sticks, gushing at the cute little cottages, the quaint steam train and the general beauty of the peace and quiet, Bleu-Flats was falling into full scale panic mode! Having never been too far out of Shoreditch, my little Flats was actually having an allergic reaction to our surroundings and spent most of the day in the prep B&B room, eyes watering and tissues at the ready!
We were off to shoot a knit campaign, so while the crew froze to death, on the sunny but cold day, the gorgeous models were kitted out in the most lovely cashmere coats, jumpers and skirts! Damn!
The look was New York - London, Prom Grunge. Perfect really, as London has a punk reputation, while the Big Apple is famous for its pretty, prom style.
Featured are some clips from the day! Enjoy! xx

When we saw sheep, that's when we knew we were very far away from a Starbucks!

(Our gorgeous model Ulla, pulling a face! - how cute is she!)

The models rocking the doubles shots in stunning purple! We all loved these wool coats!

(Tom doing some work, everyone now . . . 1 2 3 READY, 1 2 3 READY, 1 2 3 READY!)

(Tom working again, here with Sarah, does he ever stop?! 1 2 3 READY)

(Ulla and the mitten puppet, definitely the most hilarious model I've ever worked with, she had us all in stitches!)

TOM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? . . . Oh, the sun is too strong to see the pics on the camera, RIGHT, UHU, YEAH WE BELIEVE YOU!

Bleu-Flats, rocking her Kenny from South Park impression.

Tim sweetie, it's so not your colour!

Me in the Kenny South-Park hat, with Ulla, girls in pink!


  1. as usual, you all look like your having fun.

    xoxo Jo

  2. when can i be you guys for the day! please

    Jo x


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