Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Popping my gig cherry!

It's fairly obvious by now that Bleu Flats is the music mogul of our duo, but tonight she tried to make me cool, but taking me along to see a fash-pack fav, 'The Maccabees'. 
Not knowing what was gig attire, I turned up in my 'Vice' photographed boots (purple with gold bows) and a sequined tee. What I should've pulled on was some jeans, a check shirt, stripey tee and a hoodie, well I'll know for next time!
As Flats downed some snake bite, I chilled in the corner, watching in awe as the room filled with kids from the age of 14 to grown ups! This was some cult following! Naturally we made our way to the front, it's all about the view you know!
A more detailed review will follow from Bleu, but lets just say . . . The Maccabees -  The energy was outstanding, the vocals (both Felix's and Orlando's) were fantastic and the playing of the accordion suggests that there maybe no end to Orlando's talent!
Though I was the only person (beside the huge, hippy looking bouncer) who didn't know every single word, I did my best to whoop and 'indie shift' (it's a move apparently) with the rest of them!

*Miquita Oliver (of T4 fame) who was super friendly and chatted to Flats and I in the loos and posed for a picture!
*Matthew Horne, throwing some shapes! 
*Naturally we saw The Maccabees, but we actually spoke to Felix and Orlando too!


  1. of corse you spoke to us , your Bleus kiki of corse! :)

    you should have come to the after party! will b seeing lots more of you i know ;) x tell bleu 2 answer her phone x

  2. you too are actually the luckiest girls ever!
    everyday i come on here , and you've done something else even cooler than the last blog! Bleu - you are just super cool and obviously are really ace because all these cool ass people like you! roving reporter , youve got a catch there ;)

    Joanna F

  3. was such a good gig last night! the maccabees set was amazing!!!

    you are write roving reporter there clearly is no limit to orlando's talent!

    damn him!

    more blogs!



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