Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Flats Tells Us . . . The Maccabees & Mumford and Sons @ Electric Ballroom last night

This just a more detailed review of last night with some pics too!
With a last minute rush over to Camden, I met Kie Kie (Roving Reporter) at Camden Town tube. All we had to do was follow the mass of indie kids heading over in their checked shirts and plimsolls to know we were in the right place.After picking up our very “Important”, press, guest list tickets we headed inside, to have a little snoop and wander around to see what was going down. The Venue itself wasn’t really, shabby chic enough for me, but was a good, big, gig space regardless. After grabbing a beer and heading to the main area, we got a good spot up front, to see support band 'Mumford and Sons'.They are actually incredibly good, with old school, mixed with bizarre instrument choices, their sound was amazing! I loved it! I would go and see them again most defiantly. 

(Ben from the Mumford and Sons! - bad shirt, fantastic face! - RR)
The lead singer had a sort of folksy style, indie voice, and deep, meaningful lyrics, it was so perfect. (I felt like I was in a cool barn dance - but cool, really cool! At perhaps a slightly wacky boarding school - RR).

Look who we met in the loo! - she was sooooo nice!
With Ben Lovett on the keys, he was really going for it! But the geek chic instrument of 2009, has to be the double bass! I have never seen anyone rock one before!
We headed outside for a sneaky fag before the Macs played and grabbed a quick chat with Matt Horne about his latest escapades, he promises us an interview soon. 
We spot Felix sneaking behind us for a quick sing along to the support. I grab Land for a second, forgetting to mock his bad choice of headwear! I just got a quick peck and wished good luck for the set, after (finally -RR) introducing all to Kie Kie “your kooky curly haired friend” (is that really my description?! - Not sure if honoured?! - RR)  We settle back into our spot ready for The Maccabees to start. 

Within about 5 seconds of them walking on stage, the sold out crowd were going crazy! 
Most indie bands, really don’t have such great voices, but this band are different in so many ways (you are such a groupie - RR). 
Not only are the songs catchy and well written, but Orlando’s voice is incredible, Felix pours his passion for music onto the floor every time he walks onto the stage, and his solo escapades, fronting the band are becoming more regular. As Felix (shyly) sang his heart out, me and Kie Kie whooped crazily in support (I felt silly, I should drink more, it was however VERY good and worth a good whoop - RR). 

They are, genuinely, an amazing band to see live, even listening to the record, you can feel the buzz . . .
 “We want the record to sounds like the best live gig you could go to” said Felix.
I loved it, Kie Kie loved it, the huge crowd loved it! 
Yet again an unforgettably great performance from them!

Kiss Kiss Bleu flats x


  1. nice review bleu!
    you are bigg maccabees fan arnt you?
    or a friend ?

    as you write lots about them!

    ps. please get an interview with Matthew Horne hes a LEGEND!

  2. miss whitie :)6 May 2009 at 06:02


    thanks! was a really good gig - i had'nt seen momford and sons but i had heard good things and they were amazing!

    1st support band however were slightly odd! and had BAD!!! trousers on

    Sophie White

  3. i love this blog! Fash pack is the best fashion/music combined blog in uk i LOVE IT!

    i think you should have a bio page for Bleu flats and Roving reporter! pics and details of you guys! Please add we are all intrigued what Roving Reporter looks like ( obviosuly sassy and fabulous) and what Bleu flats does - and how old she is ? guessing game is on!

    James Dean

  4. it's mumford and songs by the way...

  5. mumford and sons*

  6. thanks for the spelling spot! all changed!
    and james, there are pics and details of us on here and as for ages . . . random?! Im wondering who James Dean is?!

  7. love love love love love! bleu we want MORE! set up a most realavant totally music blog will go down a treat! as this is totally realavent with the style the roving reporter!
    xxx love from dan marshall xx


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