Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Partying with Puma

Then on to the evening! Tonight was Puma's press party for their 'Past / Present / Future' collection. Re-inventing the retro styles of trainers and classic brand pieces for a new generation. The party was held in their concept store on Carnaby Street and when I arrived the party was in full swing! There was fab tracks being rocked by the DJ and the main swarm of people was concentrated around the Mixologist bar at the back. Having queued for many moons for my drink I was pleased it was pretty damn potent and the tequila shot balancing in the half lime on the top definitely added to the strength perfectly!

The CROWD: Uber cool fashionista's here. Though there were some Topshop stylee chicks around, overall there was a really awesome, eighties, retro, sports vibe. This was shown in body con styles, squared off baseball caps and chunky gold hoops. It's odd, really there was a lot chavtastic stylings going on, but somehow this crowd carried it off and the hoodies and trainer brigade became less 'Clapham' and more 'Couture'.

The mixologists on the Puma inspired red bar mixed up some potent tipples, 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila . . . floor.

(DJ playing some fab tracks)

The goodie bag was pretty sweet, I left with yet another canvas print bag to add to my obscene collection, containing a free pass for Movida (remember how I feel about that place, words fake bake and cake spring to mind), a poster of the latest Puma shoes (loving them!), a 35% discount card for the whole year and last but not least, a free pair of sunglasses! Yipee! Best goodie bag in ages!

Who knew PUMA did such lovely jeans?!
Lovely shoes . . . I want!

(love the school girl style, may use my lovely discount on them!)

(The fab Puma, Mixologist, red bar!)

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