Sunday, 10 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Get The Look


With the growing partnership between fashion and music, I have decided to bring you regular music styling tips. Each week I will take one music style or act and then one (sometimes more than one) store and show you how to re-create the look! This week I have gone to ye-old faithful Topman to bring the boys some Indie Styling! So if you fancy yourself as a Maccabee or would love to look the part of a Blighter, then take a peek at this!

The jean: Trouser shapes have become as complicated for guys as girls, but the out and out winner for this division is definitely the SKINNY jean. Though blue and black work perfectly well and this obviously depends on the colour of the rest of the outfit.
BRANDS: Cheap Monday, Acne, American Apparel.

The Hoodie: This look is only complete with a hoodie! This can be sleeved or sleeveless, of any colour and weight. Lighter ones work better to allow for tees and shirts to worn too! In the coming weeks I will be showing you how to customise a cool one for yourself, I've already made Bleu Flats one! 
BRANDS: American Apparel

T-Shirts: No band can complete a look without having the best tee's in town. There are two obvious choices when compiling this look. The first is the statement t-shirt, this can either be comical print one, like the blue one below, or if your one for rummaging, check out your local vintage store for retro prints.
BRANDS: There are tones of good printed tee companies. Check out Lazy Oaf or websites like More T Vicar.

Your second t-shirt option is to go for a block colour. White is always a safe bet and right now I'm loving the button down t-shirts from Topman, the tiniest detail just adds a bit more style.
BRANDS: Not on this one, go for simple, clean and well made.

Shirts are also an Indie Kid staple, no more so than the check shirt. Now this look is NOT about 'farmer chic' so stay away from anything too country. Worn open over a tee-shirt, the layered look is simple and stylish. 
BRANDS: Levi Strauss, Diesel, Fred Perry

Shoes: There are 2 main choices here. Either go for a totally de-jour high-top trainer, or a cool indie boater. Boater shoes are totally traditional and English public school, but have recently been scene sported by boys and girls a-like of the fashion/music world. Champions include Mark Ronson and Alex Chung.

You can't help but love a high top, my favourites are REEBOK's 80's style collection, Nike's and Gola's.

All items from a selection at TOPMAN


  1. good one, love the high tops, may purchase a pair of those. It so is a good gig look


  2. orlando would never in a million years wear white jeans - plus get bleu to do the fashion on indie style she most know more. I think i spotted her last night in hoxton - must brave it up to speak 2 her next time ps. Below this blog is a interview with jamie Blighters and he is ROCKING the farmer look!

    Simon Powell x

  3. they were grey, but did look white against the backdrop, swapped them for a darker pair. brave it up to speak to her? seriously!


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