Sunday, 24 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 3

Part One: Setting the Scene:
Another week, another episode. Slowly the poor designers are being cut down and slung out and the stronger players are coming to the forefront. It's taken me a while to get to grips with who I'm loving and who I'm, in the words of Issac Mizrahi 'Just not buying'.

JP is definitely being under-estimated, there is something very London about his ideas. Always creative and thinking outside the box, even the judges constantly assume he is not going to cut it, only to find that he wows at the shows.

Reco is getting on my nerves! Seriously there is confidence, then there is cocky. He is bashing his team mates and becoming too controlling, he shouldn't of cut their patterns for them, let them work on their own, as you will see it didn't make him the winner anyway. Yes he is good and yes the judges and the audience like his design, but the whole 'it's so wrong for one man to be this talented' is just bull! I have watched many a new designer in my time and quite frankly he just isn't that impressive. If he really was that good he wouldn't need the fashion show to make it. After all, London designers are constantly working without money.

Daniella, she is still where my loyalties lie, but I just wish she would put her claws away fora little bit. Though sometimes with good reason, she needs to become a bit more of a team player especially in the early stages! - Still the best designer there though.

Part Three: The Show:

When facing the judges, surely you should put a guard on what you say! Daniella's team won, the correct decision I thought as the whole collection was cohesive and delicious but when she told the judges that Andrew's design was her idea I nearly died! Head designers are constantly feeding ideas to their workers and taking no credit, she should've just relished in the fact that she was a strong leader who got her team to win, but I think her reaction is purely to do with age and she hasn't got to that point where she can just let it go! However that move will not in-dear her to her fellow contestants and in the early stages you need friends as well as competition! 

Two Losers - only one elimination!

Haven - Why dig a whole for yourself! - Having said that I didn't hate the design that much.

Markus - You can't sew, which Fashion School did you go to? 
Both very poor pieces!

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