Monday, 18 May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Shooting and Star Spotting (or not)

Goodness me . . . it's nice to finally put my feet up! Today I took Brogues to help me style a shoot for Mayfair Fashion Magazine, the relatively new publication that is keeping the trendies up-to-date with the must see, must know and must haves of the Mayfair scene. 
We shot in the Flemmings Hotel, which as Brogues described it . . . 'so nice and so clean, I feel like a hobo'. We made our way up to the suite, half expecting to be escorted off the premises we made our way round the winding corridors and up to the second floor.
I had managed to pull some awesome wardrobe so was super excited to get going, but not quite as excited as I was by the hotels lift! Look its made of books! It's ridiculously tiny, but it's made of books!

Having just about got over the lift (books!) I got comfy and as usual removed my shoes, I love shoes, I'm totally a shoe girl! I don't earn in money I earn mentally in footwear but for some reason I never wear shoes on shoots! However this was the sort of establishment you should really wear them . . . Ooops! Here are my feet as a we make a mad dash to give my lovely couriers everything to go back to the PRs!

The wardrobe for the shoot consisted of Matthew Williamson glitz and glam, fabulous fur, Graeme Black, Pringle, Paul and Joe to name a few. The fur was everyones favourite though, as you can see everyone wanted a good stroke! We shot it over a gorgeous sequin dress.

Here is Brogue's in our favourite lift, shockingly we manage to fit in some work in between coffee (I had many), tea, chocolate . . . Oh and taking some photos, wardrobe changes.

Here she is, our gorgeous model . . . Striking a pose . . . how hot is her look!

Paul and Joe shoes . . . a hot tip for A/W 09, sparkly and so tran-seasonal.

As if today hadn't been hectic enough, with sorting couriers, dressing, steaming, drinking coffee and staying on the ball, we found out some hot gossip! 
Our model has been spending huge amounts of time in the US and it seems she has brought back a bit of America with her as she is now dating Nadine Coyle's (Girls Aloud) ex-boyf . . . Jesse Metcalfe. To top it all off, not only did she tell us . . . he came down to the shoot to see her! OMG star spot! Unfortunately, there is no picture and to make it even sadder I was so caught up stressing about my couriers that I didn't even him notice come in! He literally swung in and out but said hey to everyone . . . Where was I! I'm gutted! HOW? How? HOW?

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  1. fur coat looks lush! Jealous with a capital J



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