Thursday, 22 January 2009

Runway Roundup: And the winner is... MANJIT DEU (WE LOVE YOU!)

It should be noted that Fash Pack were officially invited to this show by Manjit himself, and let me tell you, I'm so honoured!

I was told about 6 weeks ago that this boy on the LCF graduate course was outstanding and had created a final piece to end all final pieces. But I have to tell you, I didn't expect what I saw...

Manjit, 24 years old, hails from West London and completed his BA (Hons) at Winchester. Manjit said that a year and half ago, he never dreamed this moment would ever come and when I spoke to him (post-announcement that he did indeed -as we all knew the second we saw it - have the collection of the year), he was visibly shocked (and crying a little bit).

Inspired by Miami South Beach, Art Deco and a love of sequins (and I quote: 'Sequins have always been within me'), the collection was truly more outstanding than I will be able to describe to you. Oversized sequins adorned mini dresses that were excellently executed. Draped over and protruding like feathers, rectangular sequins created stronger squared shoulders and hips on garments that were cut close to the body.
There were pink, ice-blue and white versions on various scales.
There was also a fabulously draped 50s-style full skirt that was adorned in huge sequins. It was truly a red carpet fest of looks. Manjit's personal favourite piece was the short pink dress, again covered in large sequins that swished as the model walked. I, however, was torn between the final piece and a perfectly tailored powder pink trench coat that fit the model perfectly. It had an oversized and manipulated draped cape that was totally plastered in pink sequins and was truly fantastic!
I want one!!

The collection had its sequins hand sewn in Bombay by embroiderers who regularly work with McQueen, Dior and Gucci, perhaps already signifying that Manjit was destined for stardom.
The piece that sealed the deal for Manjit must have been the final piece, which had a Tilda-Swinton-meets-Dior feel to it, such was its presence. The audience gasped as this final piece made itself
known. A floor length white dress, with structured box shoulders and body that was draped,
manipulated and tucked in all the right places, making a perfect Oscar style dress.
Covered in sequins, the bodice part of the dress was like liquid gold. As the sequins dispersed over the skirt it was like watching a red-carpet event, only more beautiful, creative and exciting.
When there was confusion over the winner's name (a typo or bad handwriting) you could hear the rumbles of 'it has to be Manjit' with Fash Pack sure it was, but still crossing all our fingers and toes, we were relieved that justice was done, and the fashion crown went to the most deserving and worthy head.Manjit, we predict great things. Don't let us down (and keep sparkly)!P.s. I assume my new trench is in the post?!


  1. If Sex & the City was still on the air, you know Patricia Field would be all over this look. But there's always the movie sequel coming up...

  2. OMG well done guys, such a cool blog! I love Manjit's collection he definitely deserved to win by the looks of things!

  3. Love it!! Love the sequin trench too! beautiful, I think Carrie's heart would be beating fast too!

  4. i would KILL for a chance to shoot this designer's piece would be enough- I LOVEEEEEEE it.


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