Thursday, 22 January 2009

Runway Roundup: Connie Ho

Hey, men – show me some leg! And to do that, you might want to slip into something by LCF master’s student Connie Ho.Connie started modest at the V&A, with Thom Browne-length ankle-bearing trousers, and worked her way up. Way up. 
One pair of shorts was so short and so tight that it could do to the model’s rear what many women hope their bras will do: lift and separate.
For shirts, Connie seems to like sheer and paint-spackled. A strip of neon-yellow down the front here, a dip-dyed rectangle of teal there. Throw those with some fuchsia trousers and no one can ignore you.The boys out there who step into these looks had better tone up – besides the pec-baring sheer shirts and bum-displaying hot pants, Connie is a fan of high-waisted shorts for males. I don’t do menswear as much as Rivkie here, but I can say one thing: This is the first collection in awhile that brings men’s bodies up for scrutiny as much as women’s often are.


  1. did you enjoy your self then?! :-) I still think the boy in sparkly pants wins on the scrutiny front! But your right, it was a cheeky! collection. I liked the prints a lot.

  2. Not sure that I would let the Boyf. where such a trend . . .
    Then again ot sure he would go for it, so doubt the conversation will ever arise!


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