Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The beginning . . .

Shoes. Photo Credit: mugley. C.C. License.Is anyone else sick of hearing the term ‘credit crunch’?! And while hearing all the fashionistas moan about how they had to cut back on their Jimmy Choo consumption, does it ever strike you as strange that some fashion magazines suggest buying £3,000 cocktail rings instead of £12,000 brooches to 'downsize' during the recession?

Would you find it odd if someone bedazzled his own bald-head with diamantes for a fashion show? (Yes, this has happened.)

It makes us raise our eyebrows too, and with that we bring you ‘Fash Pack’: style, big names and beauty without losing touch with reality. Fash Pack is an informative fun, fashion and gossip filled site, that can see the ironic side of the fashionista’s world.

So who's in the pack? Well, allow me to introduce you . . .

Rivkie, a seasoned fashion journalist, loves nothing more than watching the magic of Fashion Week unfold. When not jotting down next season's trends, she can usually be found scouting around town as a personal shopper. She's ready to give anyone a wardrobe analysis and a quick spruce up! When not helping mere mortals transform themselves, Rivkie is often found sourcing and styling on shoots, or as a trained pattern cutter, knocking up her own inspirational originals!

Jill, our resident journalista, gets to grips with analyzing all the catwalk shows, ensuring she can pick out what you'll have in your wardrobe next season. With numerous articles published both in the UK and in her native USA, she definitely has her finger on the fashion pulse. Having fallen in love with British style, Jill is currently working on a book that will soon become the must-have handbook for any budding gossip girl.

But neither of these friendly fashion fiends could do it without me – Miss Terri. As you may guess from my title, I’ve chosen to stay anonymous for the time being. You never can be too careful in this business, and I’d rather not make any (more) enemies! After all, the fashion crowd are always bitching, and I wouldn't want to be frozen out. Having worked in fashion PR and journalism for a fairly long time, I’ve built up my contacts and have always fallen in line with my fashion-crowd friends. But the girls have convinced me that it’s only worth having the knowledge of the scene if you share it! So I will be keeping you up-to-date with all the juicy gossip, rumours and general industry bitching.

Here at Fash Pack, we appreciate the cut of a YSL smoking jacket and understand why it costs more than a knockoff from H&M. We know why designers choose tall, (reasonably) skinny models to show off their goods. But even we can admit when the industry we love goes a bit Twilight Zone.

We're fashion addicts, not fashion victims – and we hope you are too.

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