Thursday, 22 January 2009

Runway Roundup: Jie Pi

There were two main eras referenced throughout the night: 40s and 80s. This was an 80s collection. Eye-popping colours and metallic tones in hot pink, blue, gold, silver and black. Sequins were in abundance and totally adorned every garment, with entire suiting being a sparkle-fest.
Again, Jill and I are at odds, but I think it was a truly fun and fabulous body of work. From man-kini to sparkled swim shorts, it was a treat. Sheer shirting, with paneled sections in rainbow adornment, not only showed craftsmanship, but also daring behaviour! Having witnessed rows and rows of excellent but somewhat predictable tailoring, it took these fun collections to revive my faith in menswear designers.
I loved the skinny black-sequined trousers and the silvery jackets - and yes, they may have had a touch of 80s glam rock, or even a Vegas feel about them, but who cares! Your final collection is the last chance to be totally and utterly self indulgent, not falling in line with the commercial world of fashion yet. These brave graduates had their last chance to throw caution to the wind, and why not do it with the odd sequin or two!
Favourite thing: aside from the boy in the trunks at the end (yes that woke us all up) I loved the styling of the shiny, shiny shoes!


  1. Hey, there's a market for it, but it's just not me. Although I would happily scrutinise it on the pages of Dazed or Nylon - or maybe in the crowd at Punk? As for that stripping model, that's always my taste!

  2. man in sequin pants, why didn't i have a ticket to this?!


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