Friday, 30 January 2009

Stephane Rolland

The first six dresses entered the catwalk to a timed 'numero une'...

The crowd were ecstatic, and the electric atmosphere in Paris is miles better and more exciting than the feeling in London. You get the impression that the fashionistas really LOVE and APPRECIATE fashion.

The first selection of black dresses played on the theme of origami, with a mixture of pleats and folds, with some excellently cut shifts. Styling took the form of clean makeup and scraped-back hair with rock-chick PVC fingerless gloves. HOT!

This dress was stunning! You should've heard the cheers from the crowd. (I loved the Parisian mid-show cheers!) White bow, PVC belts, full elegant skirts, mosaic embroidery details. This piece was show-stopping!
Take note of the lady in giant sunglasses and fur! So Dynasty! Love it!

Sparkly! Love the bow belts. This could be a great trend!

Look at all the photographers and the concentration on the fashionistas' faces! This red, full dress was so beautiful and draped to perfection! Again, another bow! In love!

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  1. Love LOVE the feather dress and the bow belt. I want my own. Also, the black dress with the origami folds at the side. Let's go back to Paris now.


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