Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Rate or Slate: Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron. Photo Credit: Daily Mail. All Rights Reserved.Someone's looking straight out of the jungle. Samantha Cameron, sans her bicycle-loving hubby, is taking the leopard-print look to the extreme.

Is she a cool cat, or are the claws out on this one?


  1. Oh dear, Sam Cam! What have you done! From a high powered business woman (Smythson's darling is a sophisticated brand!) to a Gwen Steffani steal?! Even Sarah Brown never makes this much of an error!

  2. If there are some typos in this post, I apologise. I'm trying to avoid the keys I threw up on when I looked at this picture. The animals (or synthetic fibres) that had to die for this look have lost their lives in vain.


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