Thursday, 22 January 2009

Runway Roundup: James Hawkes

Somehow, I ended up reviewing nearly all the menswear, (Jill did you revise the list?!) Not that I'm complaining, I love menswear! As a personal shopper, it's my favourite!

I was looking for innovation and creativity, but I also wanted garments that were well cut, and would be satisfied with commercially viable pieces. I found these in James Hawkes.

I don't know what he was inspired by, but to me there was a definite Pop Art feel, with oversized sleeve heads that had Pop-esque style jaggedy edges. Almost like big cartoon 'bang' signs. Well cut bomber jackets were teamed with waterproof skinny cut trousers and oversized shirting. 80's colours were in attendance, with rusty metallic silver and blue grey making the main colour palette. A fun collection that was both innovative and well designed.


  1. Oh, did you know I switched the list around for my own benefit? Caught again!

    James was one of the designers that impressed me most, in terms of commercial appeal. I love seeing designers go mad on the runway, but he could develop a customer base after the lights go up and the stage is torn down.

  2. This is really cool guys, will he be in any shops, I want one of those jackets. You're right Jill commercially viable, some of the other menswear isn't cutting it for me, but I would definitely wear this guys stuff.

  3. this shit is so hot i want it all..........


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