Sunday, 25 January 2009

PARIS! : Roving Reporter

Well folks, they let me out the country (and into France - no border guards you see!) and I now type to you from my quaint (slightly un-glamorous) Parisian lodgings.

Tomorrow, yours truly will be entering the world of high fashion and Parisian couture, possibly the most exciting thing since actually being able to navigate Paris on non-existant French. I swear I was better at school!

Entering the world of couture, one is floored by the true fashionista's question: what to wear?!

Seeing as this is just a tiptoe into the way the other half live, and my journey truly was fleeting, I decided to go very un-fashion and pack light (though I still had enough stuff for a small army). I've been reading up on fashion cities, and Paris is apparently where evening and day wear are at one (my kind of city), but I'm afraid I was in no mood (well, if truth be told I went for a new net book over a dress - I hear your gasps) to get all dressed up, and when for what I call simple, chic and instantly fashionable, ALL BLACK!

That's right boys and girls, I've noticed in recent years that unless you are uber-famous, at fashion week the important people wear black, and so I have adopted these camouflage tactics in the vain hope that I can convince people I am really and truly part of the 'fashion pack'.
Unfortunately I failed on the shoe front. Not yet of Elle-editor status, I have to Metro it to my shows, so it's flats all the way! I will be rocking my black dress (Burberry rip-off) with gothic-like studs, black long-sleeve top (it is winter, after all), black tights, a vintage gold leaf cuff (to add a bit of glam) and finally black knee-high patent flat boots.

Outerwear-wise, I've ditched the oh-so-London, jewel-bright trench and traded in for a Parisian-chic wool cape. The look would not be complete without suitable makeup, and I have subsequently plumped for (if I can really pluck up the courage) red rouged lips. Watch Out Paris, FASH PACK is about!


  1. Is it worrying that I clicked on, read this and was surprised as I forgot I'd written it!! :-)

  2. Re:most recent entry (picture). nice. something very balenciaga meets lagerfeld about it. the little bonnet cap thing reminiscent of a chanel collection a few seasons ago. the simple elegant lines also remind me of the yves saint laurent days gone by. pre-retirement.


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