Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Runway Roundup: Dimitri Stavrou

I never thought the ‘80s hair bands would make a comeback on some pairs of Doc Martens, but I also never thought I’d see someone at a fashion show wearing a red sequined hoodie. Both of those expectations were thrown away tonight at the V&A.Dimitri Stavrou’s MA collection for the London College of Fashion runway show would make David Bowie and Dazed & Confused fans proud. Using fringe reminiscent of loosely crimped horsehair, Dimitri added movement and attitude to his menswear.
Want your fringe down the side of your blazer? Just pick your colour – metallic gold, silver or black. Want it along the hem of your vest? No problem. Dimitri even added his signature embellishment to the back of calf-high Docs for a bit of a Rapunzel-meets-moonboot effect. (Strangely, I mean that in a good way.)
Could Dimitri Stavrou be London’s next rebel boy? Gareth Pugh’s gone off to Paris, so someone has to take the role.

For those who didn’t make the show, check out Dimitri’s smokin’ video. (Literally. There’s smoke.)


  1. OH MY GOSH YAY! I get to watch this all again. Im so obsessed by this bad boys collection that I dreamt about it! Tassels have been around now, but this new twist, along side excellent fabric choices and tailoring makes it a winner! Well done!!!

  2. 'carbon fibre jackets and trousers inspired by Roman and medieval cultures'


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