Thursday, 22 January 2009

Runway Roundup: Yun Ju Ko Kate (Take 2)

Rivkie - I loved her! It's the sequins I wasn't sure about, but that's another story.
One of my favourite Oscar dresses of all time has to be Hilary Swank’s long-sleeved, navy blue number. You know the one I mean. That Guy Laroche dress was simple, almost to the point of being boring from the front. Then Hilary turned around and BAM – no back. Guy Laroche set up the most interesting point of his dress to be seen when walking away, and I think LCF’s Yun Ju Ko Kate had a similar philosophy.At her runway presentation last night, Yun played around with some of the trends we knew should be coming: sheer, lots of chiffon, asymmetry – you get the idea. But her added touches, like a floaty top that became a cape from the back, or a dress that had a cowl back instead of the typical cowl neck, made her something special.
That’s not to say Yun’s looks don’t wow from head-on. In palates of mocha, buttercream and gunmetal grey, she offered the most flattering empire waists and the sweetest baby-doll dresses. And I would love to take home a pair of her high-waisted capri pants for the days when I try to feel like a Hepburn.
To stand out at LCF’s master’s show – which featured 19 talented students – takes real potential. Rivkie and I agreed Yun has that, and we hope that a rack at the Laden Showroom or a guest collection at Topshop is in her future.


  1. Gosh heated fashion debate avoided! We are fans!

  2. It really is like Batman and Robin, no?

  3. hehe yes it truly is, the dynamic duo!

  4. God you guys are obsessed with her! Her stuff is really pretty though. Like the cape, sleeve type thing. nice colours


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