Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Runway Roundup: Emilia Bariamova

Emilia Bariamova, have you been sneaking off with Giles Deacon?
The bigger-means-better approach to knitwear he took a few seasons ago was fully present at the LCF student’s runway show.

Start with a sweater dress that cowls to mid-belly, with sleeve holes that gape nearly as low, and move on to a dress all in white with a turtleneck piled to lip level. These knits are not for the weak.

One of Emilia’s most interesting risks was a white, mega-cable knit sweater dress with dangling adornments that could perhaps be described as…yarn sausages or woolly tails. Two layers of the add-ons circled the chest and hips, and although editorially interesting, there were pieces that showed her talent better.

That’s not to say the Fash Pack team didn’t love it. We did, and more importantly, an extra-special member of the front row was pleased. Emilia, you now can count Nicola Roberts as one of your fans.


  1. Loved this one, I did a term in knitwear at uni and have to say I found it so hard, but the textures you can create are AMAZING! Emilia's pieces were in keeping, but also furthering the trends we've been seeing in knit styling for the past few season. Big is best! Great colour tones too, purple hues, whites and red. Simple and chic, I like Nicola was very impressed!

  2. many thanks for the previous comment!! perhaps, if the garments were worn the right way around and fixed before they hit the catwalk they would have made a better impact. And, no, Giles is no inspiration to me, I'm afraid!


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