Saturday, 31 January 2009

Saint Hill Von Basedow

For my second show, I went to an off-schedule couture production by Saint Hill & Von Basedow. It was all about asymmetric shapes. Huge folds, drapes and tucks created meringue-like peaks in the skirts. Bodices were shown in a variety of colours: hot pink accented with jewelledyellow, and pale mint green complimented by powder blue.

Unusually, the duo opted for an update of the duchess look with short, thigh-skimming versions. So the volume was intense and striking. Evidently strong pattern-cutters, most of the garments looked like they had developed on the stand, as the shapes were vast, yet well thought-out and executed. Bodice styles varied from strapless to the current, trendy, one-shoulder silhouette. The collection definitely had a period feel, as the dresses were complimented by tailored Capri pants and cropped sleeve jackets reminiscent of the 18th century.
With each music change, the collection developed and reformed, and although silhouettes were uniform throughout, each piece was unique. Block colours developed into print, with the colours being combined to create a floral print that referenced stately home decor in its style.
The final stage of the show concentrated on glitz and glam, with dresses decorated with intricate beading detail. This was worked into pleats, folds and carefully moulded bodices.

Like all good couture shows, the final piece was the wedding dress, which was met with great applause. And with that I fled Paris to return to gloomy, but creative, London. Au revoir!

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  1. lacroix and ungaro from the 80's. love the dior/saab/chanel stories. this one caught my eye because it's a bit? much.

    it reminds me of prom dresses.


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