Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Basso and Brooke

OMG! I nearly cried it was just so amazing!
Basso and Brooke, along with A. McQueen were the sole catalyst for me studying, eating, sleeping and living fashion! So every time I see another Basso and Brooke show, I get overwhelmed with excitement!

The room was literally crammed! And I had arrived really early to ensure I avoided the crush. Even so, my actual allocated row was already filled and I had to scoot off elsewhere!
I always find their show so hard to describe as quite frankly there is so much to take in and put over it is very much near impossible!

Firstly Front Row:
Harold Tillman
Philip Green (I passed him in the exhibition earlier that day and had to refrain from hugging him)
Michelle Williams (I'm now slightly obsessed with her - she is just so nice and smiley)

Hair: EVERYONE has been doing wet look partially slicked back, greased up hair. Are we all going to be grease monkeys in 2010? I think not!

Shoes: Sculptural triangular heels, very blocky and colourful. Works of art in themselves!

The collection: 
Interestingly this time round, trousers barely featured and although La Roux has rocked the odd Basso & Brooke trouser suit, it seems 2010 is all for the skirt! YAY

There were tones of dresses, each with their own graphic, sketchy and bold print. The prints were tribal explosions of colour and what started as primarily colour palette in the beginning soon saw combinations of colours so vast, my jaw literally hit the floor!

Like at several shows this season there were waisted blazer dresses and jersey maxis that were incredibly body con. The cuts were literally perfection!

I loved the draped front pencil skirts and manipulated shift dresses that just added that extra attention to detail. I think that's the thing with this duo, everything is done for a reason. Each part of the print is placed specifically in the right place and each drape adds to both the garment and the art on it. 

I thought the use of nude panels to create an almost cut away effect on some pieces was superb and the asymmetry of both the cuts and prints was simply divine!
We gushed at the full skirted, pleated, chiffon, rainbow dress with black and white sequined top half! And I have to admit I almost fell of my chair when seeing the gold, structural jacket that had an almost armour like feel to it, teamed with gun metal peg leg trousers.
Also loved the black, leather dress, with rainbow print bust cups and tulip style skirt.

I definitely think this collection is one of their best to date. The prints were experimental, yet commercially viable. The cuts were conscious of both the use of drape and structure and offered a little bit of something for everyone.
I'm never not amazed at their talent, but this season they have out done themselves. One of the best things at fashion week! It even tops the Aquascutum champagne.

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