Saturday, 5 December 2009

Fenchurch Party

Thursday night was party night and with an early start on Friday I decided to push the boat out!
I headed over to the Fenchurch catwalk show and party in Old Street's 'Classic Car Club' an unusual but brilliant venue.
All the cars were piled up (literally) outside in the courtyard so the venue was essentially a giant warehouse. It had that 'of the minute' Shoreditch vibe and while the crowd was very fashion, it was also nice and relaxed.

The venue was hard to miss due to the hologram logo pinged up on the building, very Gotham City! Myself and Bleu Mae of Fleur De Lis waited in the cold for the third member of our party (Alex Prinz of D1 models - face of the Worlds Most Expensive Suit - Don't you know!)
Inside the drink were flowing (a little too much) and we were soon slugging back a lethal mixture of cocktails, beer and wine! having made friends with the barman a top up was never long off!

The fashion show started and as the likes of Alistair Guy and Gemma Winter took up spots in the front row, we enjoyed the latest landing of indie brand Fenchurch. Styled by a member of Dazed and Confused, we were coveted to the long socks and round toed heels and fell in love with the backless sparkly dress. For the boys there were plenty of checks, solid knitwear and Indie band perfect cargo jackets. The show was accented by some fantastic break dancers which wowed and jollied up the crowd.

Post show we drank more, munched on chinese take away box style food and danced around to the thumping tunes of the DJ. The party was well attended considering there were tones of events that night. Post show we chatted to GT Mag, Wonderland and the rest of the D1 crowd who never seem to miss a party!

It was also Bleu of Fleur De Lis birthday that night! So we made it a night to remember by networking in the smokers pit! Oh how very fashion!

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  1. oh bleu & hot model cute coupel!! what a lucky boy why did u take that fit pic down?

    Lauren x


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