Monday, 19 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . X Factor Style Report - Week 2

This catastrophe of wardrobe was totally surprising even to someone with little faith in the wardrobe dept for the X Factor. Twitter was a buzz with shock at the 'curtain' like print, the poor taste and tackiness of the look. Everything had been chucked at this group in the bid to make them trendy. Stud jackets, drop crotched trousers, handkerchief hems (never good) and full skirt. However they looked liked they'd fallen out of a pirates jumble sale. Their figures were not taken into account whatsoever and so they looked short and dumpy. So three girls with amazing voices like mismatched outcasts.

When I saw Stacey Solomons for the first time I knew she had no style of her own, the shorts/shirts combo she wore to her original auditions was all lovely girl next door but not fashionista.
Last week they shoved Stacey in a hideous tank top, tonight she was in a cheap but cute one shoulder dress. It was definitely on trend, with black organza over nude 'silk' and little sparkles. Yes it was cheap and slightly tacky but she did look better, prettier and more befitting in a frock!

And finally, why oh why was Joe wearing a hoodie, had he just been to the gym? Had they forgotten to give him wardrobe? Joe has far more fashion sense than the wardrobe team on a Monday morning!

(Daily Mail)

I vote for the contestants to dress themselves.

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