Monday, 26 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Applebottom Jeans

Boots with the fur . . . . . . . In Vendome Club, looking at her!

Today I shot for Metro Newpaper and FHM amongst others with DJ Sassy Pandez and photographer Joseph Sinclair.

The shoot was hooked up to 'Applebottom Jeans', so we had Holiday, Spring and Summer collections to shoot. 
Before I got to know Applebottom as a brand, I had automatically associated it with the girl 'in the boots with the fur' but actually the more pieces I pulled out, the more I loved it!

The shoot started at 10am, I swung round to AB headquarters and we loaded up a taxi with piles of clothes. Round at Vendome Mayfair Nightclub, our home for the day we dragged (well I pretty much collapsed under the weight of the stuff) into the club. 
I set up in the cloakroom and there was little to no light! I was guessing which colours worked perfectly, which denims matched and what bling was silver and what was gold.

Once everyone got there (fashionably late) and coffee was on site, we started the hair and make up process. I wont lie, I always wish I could work without these wonderful artists as it just takes sooooo long!

When we finally got going it was a race against the clock to get everything done! 
We shot till seven and I yelled constantly about time and moving on!
Stressful don't even cover it! Sassy Looked HOT though!


  1. hair and make up bring a shoot together! You should know that!

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