Saturday, 19 December 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Hofit Golan and Brian Friedman . . . AGAIN!

Well I know I've been absent for an age, it just seems that this year has gone spinning past, I can't believe 2010 is almost upon us. Shooting for RANDOM, I rarely get to be creatively in charge of a shoot and worrying that I'd forgotten how to put anything together on my own, I set about organising a shoot. Now for those of you that haven't realised how obsessed with the X Factor I am, well shame on you! And a few weeks ago when I met Brian Friedman and Hofit Golan on Mayfair Fashion Magazines shoot, when Hofit suggested me shooting the two of them again, I was delighted. Hofit who already wears everything from D&G to Versace, didn't worry me a smidge. But Brian Friedman wanted high fashion and with unique taste, I had a task on my hand.

I was totally at a lost as what to do for the 'Fantasy Fairytale and Make Believe' issue themed shoot and called in the help of awesome Bedhead / Tigi photographer Roberto Aguilar to shoot and inspire us!
He came up with a fantastic puppeteer concept, which suited Brian as he is after all one of the leading POP choreographers. I developed the theme into a full on fairytale story of evil fantasy and captivity that was played out on our tuesday shoot.
I needed props, a puppet theatre mainly and some marionettes, that will be photoshoped out allowing us to make Hofit the puppet. I also needed backdrop fabric so that the studio in in SW11 would be transformed into a theatre. I roped in hot model Luke Abbey (who is currently studying set design at the BRIT school) to build my puppet theatre and set off on a hunt for wine coloured velvet. I also got a local store to loan me a vintage bird cage and we had various vintage chairs at hand on set. Out came Roberto with the smoke machine and with £6 puppet from the internet I thought I was set.
On the morning of the shoot when setting up with the set team and Roberto, I realised my fab £28 spend on fabric left me short of velvet by 2 metres. It was 9.30am and with the set needing to be dressed I had no choice but to walk to the local fabric store to buy some more. Unlike my cheap north London shop, I was faced with a depressing £140 bill for 10 metres of fabric (only if I paid in cash, cue another walk to the cash point). It was a choice between surviving with what we had or splashing more dosh to ensure for the best result and lets be fair what's the point of a half hearted job. The owners of the store found me a lift back to the studio and Luke did an amazing job of building the set!
Brian and Hofit arrived full of beans, though Brian insisted he'd rather have the day off, once I showed him the racks full of clothes and all my fab dress up bits (plus he was to be the master puppeteer) he soon became excited and happy to dress up!
My amazing hair and make up team got to work and my assistants busily unpacked and steamed three suitcases and 10 carrier bags of clothes and accessories while I buzzed around making sure everyone was happy. 

Brian was first up as he needed little make up and less face it, no hair! And we got him suited and booted. The first shot consisted of a stunning blue suit by Dimitri Stavrou (which was warn by William Tempest in January's Vogue) with a wet look shirt and a top hat. The shots were amazing and I started to relax.

Fashion TV arrived and both Roberto and I had to do a bit for the camera about RANDOM and the shoot. I took only one take, while Roberto seemed to need about 10, what can I say! I'm a natural!

Hofit's rack consisted of Matthew Williamson, Versace, DKNY, NOIR, JCDC, Pam Hogg, TBA, Elizabeth Lau, Core Spirit, D&G, Harriet's Muse and Jacob Kimmie as well as my favourite cheap but cheerful Galibardy and Rock and Rose Jewellery. 

Brian Friedman meanwhile spent the shoot frantically changing between Child of the Jago (whose clothes are my new crush!) JCDC, Canalli, Ferragamo, Jaeger, Unconditional, CK, Irregular Choice, DKNY, Farhi, Paul and Joe and Dimitri Stavrou.
The shoot was sooooo much fun and we got through tones and tones of looks. I think Brian enjoyed being evil WAY to much but he was great. While I have shown Hofit that she should be wearing Jacob Kimmie (she did that night to the X Factor wrap party at Jalouse). I even got her into a full on Pam Hogg look (inc. heel-less shoes) which looked outstanding on her. Brian agreed that we've found her a new look and we should so be channelling it in 2010!
By the end of the shoot I felt like death, I was soooo tired. We packed up and waved B and H off, with me lending a Jacob Kimmie dress to Hofit for the night and Brian and I arranging to meet up the next day so he could BUY one of Dimitri Stavrou's suits.

I threw myself into the back of Mercedes people carrier and spent the rest of the night sorting and booking couriers. I now have to wait for the pics, but I know they will be amazing. A weird but wonderful day!

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  1. Amazing work from the only person i know who can pull it off . You know who you are :))



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