Thursday, 8 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shoot DJ Steve Lawler

Well let's just say the shoot did not go to plan. I got to Aldgate East early - a first! Only to find later I was at the wrong exit, queue lots of walking in the rain, cursing to myself. The ingenious method of covering my case in a bin liner to stop it from soaking went drastically wrong when the plastic got caught in the wheel, rending the wheels on the case useless, leaving me to drag it from tube to studio (again in the rain!)
Arrived looking like a drowned rat, in a foul mood. Had delicious coffee and unpacked. However I found out when Steve arrived that he only really liked to wear various shades of plain, grey tees. That's cool everyone has their thing, however I was now totally useless. 
Several passive smoking sessions later, I went home. 

The End

Having said that I did get to meet the infamous EmmaJ founder and head of Woolhouse Studios and I will now be joining their books as a stylist! - Woohoo at least someone liked me and my very heavy, broken case of clothes!

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