Sunday, 15 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Bleu Mae . . . THE INTERVIEW

I know you all LOVE Bleu, and she has been MIA for ages, so here is a few texts, blackberry messaging and some emails,

So Bleu, all my Fash-Pack readers LOVE hearing about your adventures, but you've disappeared! What's been going on?

Haha and I love Fash Pack - well G-d - where to start! I went away from May-September going to all the festivals, played at a few. Spent a lot of time working with producers and writers developing a sound etc!! Then been back, just getting lots of press, been in studio, back to back, days on end!! But it's great!! It's fun to finally have this chance as an actual job!

OMG a JOB! What are you doing to Fash-Pack??! haha, developing a sound ey? Tell us a bit about this sound!

haha I know! No more waltzing about as a wannabe IT girl!!! Yes it's hard, like to find a sound when I'm more used to just writing lyrics!! So we jumped back and forth from having a very techno/pop/indie/soul sound much like Florence and Little Boots etc. To really realise my heart lies with honest raw folk/pop music. It's real it relates to my loud obnoxious personalty I suppose!! LOL I write what I write if it's from sex, to bitching, to holding hands, or eating pizza. Raw really untouched music it's real and me saying it!!!

Raw . . . and deep . . . pizza hmmmmm There's a thought! What's your favourite food? Like most girls are you constantly worried about your weight and what you look like as you mix fashion and music there must be huge pressure how do you deal with this?

Favourite food - well at the moment it's fish finger sandwiches with 1 side ketchup 1 side mayo, but I'm a big tuna eater and like live for baked beans. I love toast, Oh and I would die for Belgium waffles!! Yeh like I'm not gonna lie, I was a fat ass kid, who is not slightly worried about their weight!
But I'm pretty average size! But I eat, I don't exercise, cuz im lazy!! But it's a big part of what we do. I do worry I wont fit in to sample clothes I think about it for 10 mins, wallow for 10, then eat a mcdonalds! Im a big stress eater! so I don't think that helps! I say eat what you like - embrace it! And if you have a nice dress to fit in just cut down on the Freddos for a week or so! haha

Hehehe that's very refreshing! You sat front row at fashion week and got constantly snapped by style hunters! What's your secret formula for a good outfit? Who are your style icons? How do you decide to what to wear!

Yes do u know what I've been going to fashion week since I was 14 ish and never sat on front row and this was my first season sitting front row! and f*ck what a panic!
Now it really matters that I painted my nails and don't have a ladder in my tights! But you know what? That is just me! a good ladder in the tights and chipped nails! - Well I think hair makes an outfit - and I love my just rolled out of bed, festival-esque hair!
But as far as being snapped by Style Hunters I think its all about how you wear it!
I've been snapped wearing Primark before But i love designers like EG, William Tempest and Ada Zanditon.
I think women should feel empowered when they leave the house and that's how I feel when I wear a good outfit! Strut your way through it, keep a cheeky grin on your face and that is your outfit!!
Johnny cash Madonna and bjork are all my style icons - I just throw on an outfit that could inspire me or someone else! From a song to a painting you can inspire a bus driver to Banksy! You never know! x

Hehe so front row not all its cracked up to be! U mentioned a few designers that you love, they are all young and new, is that something that's important to u? To look after youthful talent? Do u think there is enough support out there for new talent in fashion? And on the flip side do you think new singers have too much pressure put on them, like chipmunk who was recently seen twittering about suicide and pressure, how do u feel about media attention?

Yes like front row is an added pressure to what you look like and for new media to really see how you come across!!
Oh supporting young talent is pretty much everything I believe in!! I think its so important for me to wear young new upcoming designers and work with young producers and writers! It's just what I think I mean I'm 17 and all the people that have taken a chance on me - so i just try to spread that around a bit- and London has some INCREDIBLE young talent in all aspects!
But young singers, well Chipmunk is so right and we all whine about our pressured schedules - but seriously there is sooooo much pressure to live up to your status in this industry- Now I'm pretty comfortable in my position but the thought of what to wear - who's coming - who's got a photo - who said that - on top of writing songs and performing them at one million percent is a strain on me everyday! But I do this cause i love it and it's the best thing I could be doing right now!! And I love the press - a good bit of gossip hurt no one - I'm always happy to pose for a picture and answer a few questions its part of my job! x x



  1. One to watch methinks, Bleubell is a promising young upstart!

  2. Definitely a girl on the up! Great interview!

  3. Awesome interview! Watch out people she gonna kick lady gaga butt v soon:)

  4. I love Fleur De Lis - just listened to her new tracks on myspace! Big career ahead Miss Bleu !!
    And shes fucking hot


  5. I hate you in a jealous kind of way or just pure hate?

  6. I saw Bleu play in amstersdam in feb!! she was AMAZING!!! I LOVE FLEUR DE LEE.. I WANT MORE MORE MORE!

  7. wow, Molly, you're certainly on your way up!


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