Friday, 6 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . RANDOM Magazine Launch Party

Well folks, we've finally done it! A/W Random, my first issue at the helm is done dusted and out in the world. We celebrated this in style on Thursday night at London Bridge club 'The Arches'.
Having got hideously lost (spending time driving around with an equally confused cab driver) I was pleased when The Ruskins van suddenly drew up next to me and I jumped in!

The venue was wicked and Tomo (E-I-C at Random) had done a fab job, with his art agents 2R Art setting the place up with enlarged images from the magazine. The video behind the bands stage played out the recording of our two day shoot, which I avoided watching!
The club was a series of tunnels and there were drinks at the ready to keep the guests happy! The PUMA goodie bags had hair product, sweets and Ipod covers in and were gone before long!

I got The Ruskins in to their PUMA outfits and went off to start the guest list with the door people. Guests quickly filtered in and it wasn't long before familiar faces popped in to have a look at the latest issue of the mag. 
Eventually Nico Didonna (designer) and his crew turned up and thankfully he went and got me my first drink of the night! Soon after my assistant Catherine brought me a dairy milk to kick start my sugar levels! It was cold out on the door and I eventually had to give in and wear my coat! (I didn't want to wreck my outfit!)

Suddenly spotted Blake Harrison (from The Inbetweeners, was queuing with his brother) so I grabbed him and got him straight inside! He was eager to finally see his pics! 
Later on we spotted one of the gorgeous, red haired twins from Skins with a gaggle of friends, who we got straight into the VIP room too!

Eventually it was show time and I tottered up onto the stage (the steps were steep and the shoes were big) to say hello to everyone and demand they buy a copy of RANDOM! I then introduced Tomo, who introduced THE RUSKINS! who were are first live act of the night!

The Ruskins were AMAZING! so lively, witty and cool!
Next up after a few technical hitches (and another vodka/cranberry) we found sexy singer Lisa Mitchell in the ladies loos! After we complemented each other on our Westwood pieces she hopped up on stage and made all the boys jaws drop! She really is stunning!
Her guitar broke (something to do with a battery) and there was an awkward period of waiting but when the twinkly and delicate vocal started it was well worth the wait!

Finally we were treated to a mind blowing show from 'My Toys Like Me' - Fab outfit, quirky performance, top tunes! Def a band to watch!

Well performances over, it was time for a few drinks, a lil dance and a bit of networking!
Hmmmm must start the next issue now


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