Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Oh it's Monday? That must be Hofit and Brian day

Well Monday was by far, one of my most exciting 'stylist' days.
Though I wasn't officially working. I went along to the Mayfair Fashion Shoot, with HOFIT GOLAN and X FACTOR'S BRIAN FRIEDMAN!
I'm a huge X Factor fan, so I wont lie, meeting Brian was my highest priority for Monday!
Hofit, however, who I have seen gracing the pages of my weekly magazines time and time again, was absolutely gorgeous in the flesh and while I was busy digging for X Factor gossip, she too was absolutely lovely.

The shoot and interview for MFM, shot by Dave Wise, took place at the recently re-furbished Flemmings Hotel in Mayfair. While Hofit arrived in a tracksuit (very dressed down LA chic), Brian rolled up in true A list style, huge dark shades and a big furry, eskimo hat!
The shoot was self styled and while Hofit and I compared her real D&G applique belt, with my, high street version (I still think I won), Brian showed us that men to can rock a 'playsuit' or should I say the male 'Boiler suit!'
I have to admit, an all in one for a man is just as fab as it is for the female counterpart!

Having filled us in on all the X Factor gossip, from who is hot to who's not! (no I wont tell!)
Brian was a total natural in front of the camera and the two of them together was so fun and playful the shots were effortless.

As I dashed off at three to a meeting with TCS PR, Brian was leaving too and offered to drop me off in Knightsbridge! So yes everyone! I got to go in Brian Friedmans flash car and I'll never let anyone forget it!

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  1. i such a fan of Brian Friedman and i love Hofit Golan's style
    she's always great on TV
    it must of been fun spending the day with them


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