Sunday, 18 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shoreditch House

Tonight I was off to Glamour-okie at Shoreditch House! A place I had only ever got the chance to read about in the gossip mags! 
Unknown to me Shoreditch House is actually in the big building labeled TEA near Brick Lane, I'd always wondered what was there!
Having dropped off our coats, we headed to the bar to grab a pre sing-sing drink. We all went tee-total and sat in the corner with our juices and fizzy pop, after all guys and girls we are in a recession! 
This evidently did not please the rude staff, who were forever swooping on our table to take glasses and made no attempt to hide their desire to get us out of there! On that basis alone I wouldn't bother with such a place again. Let alone pay hundreds of quid to be a member! 

We headed to the room 'The Biscuit Tin' on the fourth floor of the six floor, bar extravaganza and plonked ourselves right at the front of the Karaoke. 
To my left was the judging panel, consisting of David Van Day (who is very short!), Beauty Editor at The Sun and ex-Blue Peter presenter - Zoe Salmon.

It seems that Nick Ede only knows people who sing like Whitney Houston! Even his intern had a voice to rival that of any X Factor contestant!
Several songs later, the crowd was getting merry and the judges had drunk themselves under the table, with Zoe Salmon getting so drunk she could barely stand and promptly flicked her feet in the air and collapsed on to a hot but unsuspecting man. Needles to say she was escorted out of the building and sent home to sleep it off!

Bleu sang a gorgeous rendition of Put Your Record On and I was so proud as I whopped and cheered my little Bleu Mae on!


  1. Is that bleu as in fleur de lis?
    I saw her playing at Underage FEST and glasto?

    She is pure genius!! - Altho im more used to her disco beats and outrageously alternative folk style!! BUT i suppose why not sing Corrine Bailey Rae!! With a voice like hers WHY NOT???!! :) She needs a single out now!! I would buy it - shes in same league as Florence and Machine but slightly less werid! And she always looks cool - its like fallen out of a tent chic! :D

    Emma Lorenzo!


  2. I love fleur de lis!!

    :D SHE TOLD ME to look at this blog as it ws amazing! which it is!

    But more so i saw her play in paris! BRILLIANT! GENIUS! :D

    Sarah Downey! x


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